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Update 10/16/19

Local Update;

DHSS Unit:

The request for early bargaining along with an information request was sent in September to state officials in order to begin the compensation bargaining. The passage of SB8 allows this crucial element of bargaining to occur. SB8 was a high priority for organized labor in Delaware for over a decade, and we can be proud that we were part of the team that achieved this outstanding accomplishment for union represented public sector workers.

The DHSS senior social worker case mangers have fallen behind because they were seemingly left out when wage improvements were legislated. When Local 13101 organized this unit it was a strange concept to only be allowed to bargain working conditions, but we made improvements there and now we can make compensation improvements. 

We have only negotiated one CBA for this unit, and are excited about bringing many improvements to this unit who, through their incredible commitment to serve others, provide essential services for those who otherwise might be forgotten.

Kent County Waste Water Treatment Plant Unit:

The request for bargaining along with an information request was sent in September and we are now looking to schedule dates with the county bargaining representatives. We will look to build on the CBA with improved economics and working conditions improvements. 

The updates during CBA negotiations will provide as much detail as possible without compromising the ability to serve the membership.   

DSP Civilians Unit:

We recently had to bring an Unfair Labor Practice (ULP) against the state for Weingarten rights violations. We settled with the state in our favor and the agreement actually expands Weingarten Rights in certain instances.  The resulting conversation from this ULP provides this local with the belief that ULPs will not be needed in the future and the foundation of a positive working relationship with the Delaware State Police has been solidified.

DSP 911:

The newly agreed to callout procedure has seen it’s first 2 incidents and 1 has been cared for while the other is moving through the grievance procedure to produce a resolution.

The casual attire agreement, which is to be worked out by DVP and stewards has no update at this time.


5G deployment is set to begin soon but no hard start date. The local will attempt to secure the antenna work which the company intends to assign to outside contractors.

The no-lights are still an issue an in the grievance procedure.

The outside plant contractors unsafe work is being addressed through multiple avenues and we are also working with DelDot, DP&L, IBEW etc to try to prevent any catastrophic event.